FTP restricted shared folder basics

Restricted Shared Folders
Restricted shared folders are folders where users have limited permissions controlled by the folder owner. In addition, restricted shared folders prevent users from being able to upload or view outside restricted shared folders. Typically, restricted shared folders are used to confine a user to specific folders and disable their access to view, create or manage folders or files outside the specified folder. To learn how to create a restricted shared folder outcome, follow the instructions below:

To create a user for sharing folders, follow the instructions below:

Go to the Users Tab to create or configure your user for a restricted folder outcome.
Click “Add” or “Add username” to create an new user.
Alternatively, you can select a current user to change their settings and skip to step 4.
Fill in the user’s login credentials and save.
Scroll down to the advanced options.
Check “Manage user settings”.
Check “Add a storage quota” and input “0”GB.
Scroll down to “Default FTP folder” and input the name of the folder you want to restrict the user to (optional).
To create a shared folder, follow the instructions below:

Go to the Files Tab to create or configure your folder before sharing access.
Click “New folder” located in the right hand menu.
Alternatively you can click an existing folder and skip to the next step.
Select the folder and click the “Share” button.
In the share screen, click “Add contacts”. Click “Add contacts” again to add from your current list of contacts and users.
Set the permissions and notifications using the drop down menus at the bottom of the Add contacts screen.

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